Activate IPv6 on your NAT VPS

Activate IPv6 on your NAT VPS

In this guide, we will see how to activate your assigned IPv6 on a NAT VPS.

Generally your IPv6 should start working as soon it is assigned to your VPS, note that a VPS restart might be needed for proper network configuration.

If you're still facing issue, please read on.

  1. Step-1: Find your assigned IPv6 address from the control panel.
Assigned IPv6

Copy the assigned IPv6 address.

2. Step-2: Ping your assigned IPv6 address.

We will ping our assigned IPv6 address using

Go to the website & enter the assigned IPv6 address in the Host box, select the Ping tool. interface

Click the 'Do It' button to ping your IPv6 address from different locations around the world.

That's it, your IPv6 address should start working. Repeat the procedure for all assigned IPv6 addresses.

If you still have any doubt/issue please create a ticket.

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Please consult your provider for exact steps.