What is a NAT VPS?

What is a NAT VPS?

A NAT VPS basically an IPv6-primary VPS with a shared IPv4 access.

You get fully dedicated IPv6 addresses (a /112 subnet - that's 65,536 IPs!) and a shared IPv4 address. This ensures dual-stack connectivity & compatibility with all environments.

The IPv4 is shared using a process known as Network Address Translation (NAT)

You get a static range of dedicated ports usable over IPv4. Make your application listen over these ports & you're ready to go!

It can be used similar to any other Normal VPS, some examples of the common possibilities include:-

  • Host a full-fledged website (w any CMS like Wordpress, Ghost etc) using Domain Forwarding on port 80 & 443.
  • Create your own private VPN - most methods including OpenVPN & Wireguard can be used.
  • Ad-blocking VPN & proxy using AdGuard.
  • Make website proxies for private & protected use.
  • Create your own VoIP setup using Teamspeak, Mumble etc.
  • Anything you want with native IPv6 - dns tests, website monitors etc.
  • A simple remote terminal with root access, testing scripts & other stuff.
  • A light usage remote desktop.
  • Distributed database, Web Scrapers etc.
  • Many more possibilities... :)